Assignment Two

The aspect of digital culture addressed in the resource is a website. The purpose of this website is to assist ESL teachers to find resources that are relevant in an Australian ESL classroom setting.

Its relationship to the professional needs and interests of the student is that it is at least a starting point for teachers who may be struggling to find resources to teach ESL students in their mainstream classrooms or if they are in ESL only classrooms, then tools for engagement.

I located a number of ESL resources online for ESL teachers to access, but their content is so confusing and at time irrelevant to the levels of students in many classes in Australia. In my experience also, many links on there ESL websites either direct the user to advertisements of an ‘adult content’ nature or the link leads to a dead end (the content is no longer available or expired). It is frustrating enough to find content that is specifically for ESL students let alone content that is relevant in an Australian setting.

The major reason that I created a website is to ensure that ESL teachers in Australia are given relevant information and allowed to comment on the content and get involved in the ‘conversation’ about teaching ESL in Australia. The website “Engaging ESL Hub” features a number of helpful items for teachers looking for some classroom inspiration; for example – an entire tab dedicated to inspirational classroom things, tips and tricks to keeps students engaged, a break down of the different levels of student learning as well as a blog (written by me) that outlines any relevant literature, content or general ESL items of interest that I think will assist teachers to get the most out of their students.

Engaging ESL Hub

Assignment 2