Hadis first assignment summary

A brief Summary

Doctor Maria Montessori was one of the pioneers in developing the early childhood educational theory. Montessori methodology places strong emphasis on many educational aspects, though some concepts of learning are missing. A major critic of the Montessori method is failing to acknowledge available digital tools due to the fact that digital devices could be applied to improve efficiency in learning.

Montessori argues that objects are the best teachers where activities are done entirely indoors; however, children need to be involved with nature to comprehend the meaning of hope and future which results in improving their sense of optimism in future. As a practical indoor activity, this framework could be improved by utilizing a computer and a video projector to introduce and demonstrate the change of seasons as well as nature to children.

A drawback of the Montessori concept is that her approach is based on repetition. She did not believe in teamwork and the experiences could be interoperated to be personal. However, Yelland and Kilderry (2005) state that we could use a computer with Kidpix which not only use visual presentations but also audio ones. In addition, each tool has its own characteristic sound. These kinds of programs make the counting activities more practical and visual compared to those with pre-design algorithms with no pictures, numbers or sentences in flat papers.

Many computers and applications in digital era enable early childhood educators to change the educational landscape to be more relevant and inclusive for young student. This could be performed through facilitating the education of mathematical ideas or operations.