Habgood, Ainsworth & Benford (2005)

Habgood, M. P. J., Ainsworth, S. E., & Benford, S. (2005). Endogenous fantasy and learning in digital games.  Simulation & Gaming, 36(4), 483-498. doi: 10.1177/1046878105282276

The paper offers a useful and pointed summary of key papers concerning the potential1 and the actualities of using computer-based games. I learned a new term from this paper, Shavian Reversals2: are offspring that keep the worst traits of the parents and lose the good traits!

The focus of the paper is Malone's notion of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation3. There is a large literature associated with motivation generally4. The paper draws on some very early games to explore the notion of endogenous (intrinsic) motivation in computer games. The role or place of fantasy in these and, one imagines, most computer games is a key idea.

What is most useful is an assemblage of many of the key ideas associated with computer games, serious games and the attempts to make sense of them.