Flipped Learning Resource

Flipped Learning -A Resource for NEWBIES

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This resource is presented as current trends emphasise such teaching practise as asynchronous learning, individualised instruction and differentiation.

Modern teaching requires us to be aware of, and acting on innovative pedagogy and practices.

The potential to meet student needs and promote individual instruction becomes of paramount importance within the educational sphere.

This resource is intended to be of assistance to classroom practitioners, support staff and school administrators who seek to maintain a clear perspective on contemporary best practice involving digital technologies.

An educational professional with an interest in innovative technologies and pedagogical practice should find this resource a useful starting point. Allowing for an insight into the current trends and possibilities being brought about by the advent of ubiquitous availability that students have to ICTs and the affordances they offer.

An educational practitioner will need to be aware of the open ended nature and the opportunities for students within this developing learning and extend the field of teaching practice. Students and teachers alike can employ technologies to address learning needs and to provide opportunities to enhance the learning for themselves.

Flipped learning offers affordances that other pedagogical practices may not. Certainly not in a traditional sense.

Asynchronous learning, individualised instruction and differentiation become a more likely and appropriate and indeed more plausible within current educational constructs. With schools and institutions unlikely to move rapidly towards a more open learning environment with restrictions such as timetables and lockstep progression of students, flipped learning has some potential to alleviate some of these issues.

The resource presented is meant as a starting point to allow teachers to ‘dip their toe in the water’ and be aware of the field and how it is evolving and the ways that this field is already having an effect on classroom environments and teaching pedagogy at the current time.

In the short space of time that this resource has trialled, it has already become evident that several things are required to be successful when using this method.

The students are generally technologically aware and ready to use this approach as a means to their learning ends. Some will accept it more than others, they are too well schooled and want the spoonfed approach.
Many teachers like the idea but cannot ‘see how it will fit within their current teaching practices.

Administrators are looking to see that innovative teaching practices and current pedagogy is in place within their schools. Also that they are getting a ‘good return on investment’ for the amount of money allocated to ICT and integration into the curriculum.

The resource itself can be improved as more users view it and trial it for me. Some videos I have supplied have been removed as they were not seen as ‘professional’ enough. Even though I wanted an authentic approach, there is a limit to how ‘amatuerish’ it can be.
I did find better ‘ready made’ video resources that helped illustrate my points.

My student responses to flipped learning and class videos I have made have also been valuable as they have given me pointers and ideas to improve in the future.

I am pleased with the current state of the resource even though there is always more to do and improvements to make.
Warren McMahon