Dibbell (2011)

Dibbell, J. (2011). Serious Games. Technology Review (1998), 114(1), 74-76. 

In the fast-paced flow of what is the next big digital thing, it is sometimes useful to go back and rethink some of the gems or possible gems that have been forgotten. Dibbell's short piece is about 2nd Life. An experience you ought to try if you have not done so. At one point it was all the rage and universities were buying islands and running online classes from there. It is an option we could have pursued for this course but the overheads on students coming to terms with it would have been a bit higher than what we are currently using.

In my head it is the child of the early text-based virtual worlds, the MUDs and MOOs. The interesting thing is the economy that has grown up around this software.

The traffic and revenue that remain (800,000 monthly active users who generate more than $80 million a year1, by the latest estimates) suggest that it will be with us for a while—maybe even long enough for those who have written it off to realize that what Second Life does best has never been and never will be what everyone seemed to want it to do.