Dianacetina Assign2

The first goal of the resource created for this trial was to give teachers of General English 4 (intermediate English level) a space to express their feelings, experiences, concerns and challenges that arise as a result of teaching with the Reader. The reader is a short story book which students read in class once a week and use to practice extended reading skills. For several different reasons that the teachers explained on the blog, students do not engage at the level it is expected. Consequently, this has created challenges for the teacher as well as for the students. Since very little has been done to address the problem due to the reader being such a small component of the curriculum, a blog using Edublogs.com was created for teachers to list the issues they are facing indiviually with the reader. The second goal of the resource was to identify themes based on the teachers’ posting in order to create professional development worshops at work that could potentially help teachers tackle the teahing problems and learners engage with and learn from the Reader the most. As it can be seen in the last posting on the blog for the purpose of this assignment, three themes agreed on among teachers have been identified. This shows that a blog can be extremely useful for the school to arrange relevant teacher training which is likely to better the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. Because the blog has been initialy created for the purpose of this assigment, no more postings will be made until the school has officially decided to implement it as one of the ways in which teachers can document their experiences. However, up to this point, it can be argued that the viability of a blog could be demonstrated once formal PD session are created and teachers experience the benefits of both the blog and the workshops. A blog has the potential to be a successful instrument for teachers to share issues, dificulties and thoughts to create better learning outcomes for students. For the future, the blog’s quality and efficiency can be enhanced to ensure the realiability of information and the fficay of teaching.