Learning in public: Week 9

I'm reading a draft of a chapter for a book concerned with rapport in teaching in higher education. There are a couple of good quotes that remind me of the kind of environment I'm trying to get going in this course. An online course has the disadvantage of not having the good face-to-face sharing but we'll see how things spin over the next few weeks given the 1st task is in and commented on.

Good teachers possess a capacity for connectedness. They are able to weave a complex web of connections among themselves, their subjects, and their students, so that students can learn to weave a world for themselves1

hooks, for example, argues that the classroom should be “a place that is life-sustaining and mind-expanding, a place of liberating mutuality where teacher and student together work in partnership”2

I suspect I have woven a web that is perhaps less experienced as connectedness than web of too many ideas for most. The problem is always how to structure up a framework that is both simple enough that folk can follow it but also open enough so folk can make mistakes and learn from them, can make choices about what is important without fear of getting it wrong.

I must admit to feeling a bit like a parent seeing the work that each of the folk in the course has done. They all have made good progress, small steps that I hope, one day, they will find a useful component of their professional sensibility.

And from that draft chapter:

Wright (2013 ) describes using the overarching term “rapport”: a term he describes as “a close and interactive relationship that is built upon trust, shared control, and engagement in activities that are aimed at advancing the skills, abilities, or knowledge of a clearly defined group, and of its individual members”3.

So a few small steps towards building a bit of rapport with the crew.