Chris' public learning log: week 4

Encouraging signs of life and ideas from the group which is now back down to 9.

I never cease to derive pleasure from watching/listening to a student grow, develop their ideas. The group is an interesting mix of folk who don't know a lot about the digital, those who have done a lot of work in schools with computers, a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. Getting them to talk to one another is always tricky. Students tend to want to keep to themselves and perhaps not look like they are saying something foolish. I'd like them to come to realise that making mistakes is one of the best ways to come to terms with anything, particularly if it is new.

We had a productive hangout last night (Wednesday). While the course has a focus of digital culture1 and games, it is fundamentally about education. The pleasing thing about last night's conversation was that we spent a good deal of it talking about education ideas and not a great deal about digital bibs and bobs, platforms, apps etc.