Chris' learning in public log: week 2

I learned a little more about the different and interesting agendas that folk in the course have. The hangouts have begun to be used but the take up of the other modes of communication is slow. I have been trying to think of an analogy. It is a little like teaching a face-to-face class except that you, the teacher, are blind. You know there are people in the class. A few students do answer occasionally, many don't as is the case in many classrooms. All the while I am trying to put myself in their shoes, juggling full-time work or a full load of classes, being a Mum or Dad in a family etc. etc. And now, faced with a bunch of new stuff!! Not just ideas/content but new ways of working….

I do know, that in the end, the merits of notebooks, or learning to use things like G+ communities and hangouts and wikis and such will pay off. It's just not knowing when to help because help is not being asked for that is tricky.

It's difficult to convey that I am really only interested in their individual development which I also know will differ greatly between students. Then there is the bizarre practice of making a judgement about the quality of one piece of work over another. The mindless ritual of ignoring growth and attending to outcomes that can somehow be measured.