Chris' public learning, week 8

Monday the 22nd of April

I've read all of the assignments that have come in. I'm pleased with what has been produced. It's a curious thing assignment setting and grading. It's fundamentally seen as a problem in communication, i.e. guess what they are thinking. The solution has been to make what ought to be in an assignment more and more specific. Trying to shift too far from this silliness jangles students who have become used to behaving like rats in mazes1. What always interests me most are attempts to express a new, to the student, idea. It is risky business but I am firmly of the view that if you take no risks you learn nothing2.

It is a funny game. Students trying to guess what I am thinking and me, trying to guess what they are thinking. The written word is not that good at conveying what the mind is actually doing. Still. It is an exercise in writing an academic essay. Hopefully the 2nd task will be a bit more fun and enjoyable.