Chris' public learning log Weeks 5 & 6

Monday 8th of April

I should have been writing a little more in here. Too much thinking about how to read how everyone is going and the tension between the traditional roles of teacher and student vs. learner and learner as I'd prefer it to be.

What is interesting, at least to me, is my attempts to resist the urge to categorise what is going on in terms of well-established ideas. It is hard to take stuff at face value. To ask what I keep asking the students to do, "what is going on here?"

Tuesday 9th of April

I've been wondering how to scope the digital scape for this group of folk. I've begun to add the odd note to the digital culture memes page to point to aspects of digital culture that might not be stumbled upon. How to read/see these experiments is tricky. The BitCoin experiment is not an easy set of ideas to come to terms with.