Chris' public learning in week 4

Sunday 24th March

It is not that I have not been thinking about my learning from the course that I have been quiet, I have been juggling a few ideas which pick up on what I think are tensions for some students. Most courses provide a set of answers, solutions to a particular problem. This course tries to keep that to a minimum in part because there are so many answers and explanations already published formally and informally that I give little credence to. For the most part, they are accounts which seek to domesticate the new in terms of the old or to draw from McLuhan, rear-view mirror thinking. The exchanges on the G+ community have been terrific. I have been mining them for points I can pick up on, not to tell folk what to think but to continue to encourage skepticism, questions and anthropological approaches1 to most developments.

A lovely point by Natalie about evidence-based prompted me to make a few notes about it in here.

A lot of other comments also that prompted me to stop and think. In a way the course walks between the formality of the set piece readings, a common ground for us to have conversations and the fire hose of ideas and information that is the Net.