Burden & Slater (2008)

Burden, D., & Slater, S. (2008). Serious Play. ITNOW, 50(5), 6-7. 

A light piece that covers the terrain of interest. Some of the naming has changed from the past. A simulation can now be a custom virtual world, an information driven scenario or an avatar driven solution. The piece does read a lot like corporate management speak meets digital gaming. In the spirit of the piece, you could have had your avatar take this course rather than doing it in person! Having machines write what appear to be sophisticated essays1 is not a new idea. Humour aside, the piece does map some of the kinds of serious applications that are currently in play. We have not talked much about avatars but they are and are likely to be an important part of the mix. To me all of this loosely falls under the interesting problem associated with delegating work to a machine.

And, no I don't think of students as avatars, yet. One day perhaps it will be hard to tell. :)