Beavis & O'Mara (2010)

Beavis, C., & O'Mara, J. (2010). Computer games—pushing at the boundaries of literacy. The Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 33(1), 65-76.

It is important to read this paper not only in conventional literacy terms, but also as a way to think about the professional territory in which you are working.

Note that argument of the mix of literacy practices, the old and the new required to play computer games. How we think about the mix of old and new is important here. Often we see a 'replace it all' kind of argument when an approach that draws on notions of ecology seems to work a little better.

As is the case for any new experience, the learner brings to the task of working out how to play, to make sense, a broad repertoire that is based upon prior experiences. This is where assumptions about young people's natural aptitude for making sense of the new can cause problems.

Note the detailed accounts. While the study is framed in a literacy perspective, the study still has at its core the simple question: what is going on here?