Assignment Two

My resource is designed to engage fellow Health and Physical Education (HPE) teachers in using technology to improve exercise among middle school students. The importance of physical activity was discussed and the challenges we face in encouraging teenagers to do more of it. One of our main competitors is digital technology and as they say, "If you can't beat them, join them!" Combining the addictive and engaging qualities of technology with the healthy benefits of exercise seems like a great idea. The brief was to take them on a journey using step by step guides to encourage teachers to easily begin implementing ideas in (and beyond) their classroom. Firstly, creating a positive digital culture was discussed and key points indicated to assist teachers in realising that it can be done. Next, I spent a few pages discussing what type of technology can be used and have provided guidelines on what technology works as well as specific examples of ones that they could begin using right away. From apple Apps, to exergaming, there is not a shortage of specific technology that can be used to engage students more in physical activity. A main barrier to using technology successfully is curriculum, so this discussion came next. It's also designed to allow teachers to see that it's not all smooth sailing when integrating technology, as we do need to consider the other highly important aspects of teaching and plan accordingly. Lastly, reflecting on performance is important in any aspect of teaching and therefore, evaluating how effective technology was in increasing activity and understanding what we can do to increase the success of our goals was discussed to encourage teachers to take part in this exercise during and at the end of a unit that is using experimental technology. Feedback provided from real life HPE teachers assisted in shaping the final design and in reminding me of the limited time teachers have and how to accommodate this.