Assignment One

The paper I've written focuses on the benefits that technology has on high school students' motivation to be more physically active. Assisting students in beccoming more actively engaged in the learning processes regarding health can be achieved through a range of devices and online communities which could be the key to increased exercise.
While exploring this issues, technology and motivation is discussed with reference to the emerging idea of the Quantified Self; a concept that describes the process of recording data in the effort to understand more about ourselves in a range of contexts. The effective integration of technology has the ability to extend learning experiences beyond the classroom by improving sense of wellbeing, increasing access to feedback and reducing performance anxiety. Encouraging technology enriched classrooms is not without challenges that require solutions if the benefits are to be gained. Examples of specific types of activities are also discussed to outline the successes that others have.
Basically, if the use of technology is to move beyond that of information presentation to encourage students to collaborate, create and analyse in a range of spaces on a global scale, then a change of attitude and pedagogical practices are required.