Assignment 2 Creative Synthesis


Hi everyone! ☺

My professional resource is a PDF document that aims to provide information about issues relating to the decline of female participation in STEM subjects. It also serves as a promotional product through its provision of information about the online coding program that we are designing for girls in upper-primary year levels. As we run our programs for students in schools across Queensland, my resource is targeted mainly towards school principals along with other decision makers (eg. HOD’s, HOC’s etc.) that enrol students in our programs.

Here is a “dot-pointed” summary of what my resource includes:

• Information about Australia’s future employment expectations and the need for students to participate in STEM subjects where they can learn how to ‘code’.
• Information about the main causes behind the decline of female participation in STEM subjects with statements made by educational researchers about each of the identified causes.
• An infographic page that presents statistical data relating to inequality issues with girls in STEM.
• A link to a website which promotes success stories of young Australian girls that have utilised technology to promote their own ‘entrepreneurial’ ideas.
• Links to educational literature with useful information about issues relating to girls in STEM and female engagement.
• An introduction to the girls’ online coding program with information stating how it aligns with the Australian curriculum.
• A summary of the main aims behind the program. These aims focus on attending to the identified problems associated with female engagement in STEM subjects.
• Information about the implementation of Gamification in the program and how this implementation can attend to the needs and interests of girls.
• A program outline and lesson breakdown to provide more specific information about the program’s lessons and activities.
• A contact information page for audiences that would like to find out more about the program.

If any of you are interested in this topic and looking for new ways to engage girls in STEM subjects (particularly with technology), I’ve added a link below to the Tech Girls Movement website. This organisation has done some fantastic work over the past couple of years to promote positive role models and STEM careers to girls. There are also some great stories about girls across Australia that have become engaged in technology when participating in their annual “Tech Girl Super Hero” challenge. I’ve added the link to this page as well. ☺

I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of you have done with your resources. Good luck with all of your future studies!
-Ang ☺