Assignment 2

In assignment 1, I looked at Minecraft and other games and the good ‘things’ and skills they taught our kids. I continued on this path, choosing to look at aspects such as increasing confidence, persistence, problem solving and conflict resolution.

Initially, I had thought of using small video clips to present the information of the above topics on a Facebook page. After some technical failures, I realized that this was a skill that I needed more time to develop to get the information across. I also needed more time to decide what information to share.

I am fortunate to have someone in my life who is in marketing, and they agreed that currently Facebook is an effective way to get information to the specific audience you want.

The Facebook page now consists of GIFs of Minecraft screenplay and short blog type entries, sharing my journey of how Minecraft is improving reading and researching skills, problem-solving and conflict resolution of my children.I shared the news articles that started my curiosity into how Minecraft is helping my kids, particularly our son who struggle academically. I plan on using what I have read and researched in a personal way and from a parent's perspective. I not only will be using what Minecraft has done for my 12-year-old son who has a learning disorder, but for my daughter who is a normal ‘just above average’ 10-year-old student.

You can review the recently edited Facebook page 'Parent of Minecrafters'.