Andrew Wynhoven

Hello my name is Andrew Wynhoven. I work for Southern Cross University, in the brand new College. The College is a new faculty that has been set up to increase the pathways for students to Higher Education. I come from a Vocational Education background and I am very interested in pathways to HE for Australians.

Assessment 1

Assignment 2

For my professional resource in 7131 – Digital Culture, Games and Education I have worked with the Division of Teaching and Learning at Southern Cross University to create a briefing document on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). I have a particular interest in MOOCs. I view them as an opportunity to open access to higher education in Australia. They could be used by the marketing division to entice students to study with a small MOOC style course that samples university life. They could be used for one of the larger first year units to cast a wider net. This could apply to first year students, post- grad students wanting to sample another discipline, staff wanting to upgrade their professional abilities or anyone from the general public who would like a certificate in first year statistics, business or arts?

Currently, MOOCs are enjoying widespread notoriety as the biggest thing in education. Primarily in the US where student debt is high and people are looking for different options and pathways to study. In Australia and certainly at Southern Cross University, we have a strong background in distance and online education. Certainly, MOOCs can add to this, but are they necessary and will the pedagogy be strong enough?

The briefing document I have created is catered to the executive level of Southern Cross University. I have worked with the SCU Division of Teaching and Learning to create a document that will give some general background to MOOCs and their pedagogy. I have enrolled into five MOOCs over the last 12 months. Some I have completed and others I have lurked in. They were all different and ranged from ‘Digital Culture’ to ‘Basic statistics’. They all had strengths and they of course had weaknesses. I hope that the briefing document will give a strong insight into a current educational phenomenon and if it will be a useful tool to add to the SCU teaching toolbox.