Alma Sejdic

Hi all

I am really sorry that it has taking me so long to work out how this works. I think I finally got it.

I have been teaching for about seven years now and love every moment of it. I have decided to do my masters to fill the gabs. We had to leave our country because of the war and arrived in Australia in 2001 without speaking a word of English, it was a challenging journey. My interests are in teaching students to be resilient and preparing them for the real world. In regards to technology, I only have the basic skills everything else is a mission but I will not give up.

Assessment 1

In my first assignment, I was trying to find something that will assist with motivating students and keeping them engaged in learning, especially those who are not disruptive but have the tendency to day dream a lot due to things that are happening at home or other issues. I focused on identifying ways of engaging students in learning and improving their achievement with the use of technology. With the change in curriculum the content is more challenging and the expectations are higher, which does not provide students with the sense of achievement. As the school has already integrated some interactive programs and the students have shown great interest in using them, I thought it would be necessary to take it to the next level. The History Assessment task for year 4 students focused on convicts and students had to complete a 12 page long booklet that included a lot of writing. The students were engaged in the lessons but when it came to the assessment task, they just wanted the task out of the way and did not focus on providing quality answers showing their understanding. The majority of students were below average in that task.

It was devastating to watch students not being motivated to perform the task. If the students had the opportunity to learn through discussion amongst peers, creating videos and creating short plays, the motivation would have increase and therefore the achievement would have been a lot higher. This generation seems to be learning in different ways, they need to be able to relate the content taught in class with the outside world. As a larger number of student spend their free time playing games on the computers and Ipads, the classroom structure is a completely strange setting that does not provide any value. If students are asked to write in cursive, their question is to what the purpose is because in the outside world everything is typed on computers or other tools, writing in a book does not happen very often.

So why not use the provided technology tools to keep students motivated and guide them to achieve their best potential.

Assessment 2

As my resource I have decided to make an instructional video about creating an EdStudio using the Learning Place. This video would include basic steps on how to set up a page, adding students and setting up a discussion board. At this stage, a very small amount of teachers at my school are able to use the learning place. Once I decided who the members of my group will be, I actually asked them about a resource that they would benefit from. They showed interest in something teaching them how to integrate technology in teaching and learning to keep students engaged and motivated, something they can refer to in their own time. The group of teachers that I chose for my audience did not have any experience with the leaning place but were keen to start using it in their classrooms. As I have not had much experience myself, that sounded fantastic. So I went to a teacher who used the learning place regularly and learnt the basic steps. After a lot of experimenting, I created the videos. I presented those to the group sharing my difficulties along the way as well as some theory that I thought we as teachers could relate to. I also showed them the EdStudio that I created for my class and how we used it. The feedback obtained from the group was great, they felt like they could follow the steps on the video and start using it with their class. I also showed them the EdStudio by the teacher who uses it on a regular basis, just to show them all the different things that could be done. We had another meeting a few weeks later just to see where they are at with the resource. Those teachers were happy with how much they had accomplished. They were able to set up the site and use it with their students. They said that having the video was handy just in case they forgot some steps along the way.