EDN 7131 in 2013

This is the index page for the introductions of students and staff in 7131 for Semester 1 in 2013. Please take care to edit only your own page! I have tried to model a little of what you might say on my introduction page.

If this is your first visit to this page when you click on your first name the wiki will tell you that the page does not exist and do you want to create it, select yes! You will then be automatically put into the editor. Type some text and then select save and you will see the page as others will see it if they visit your page. You can then select edit and continue to work on your introduction.

And you can also add a tag or two to your page which will show up on the site's tag cloud. If you want to use a short phrase, e.g. classroom management as a tag then you need to connect the two words, i.e. classroom_management. The tag software interprets a space as a separate tag.

Adding your email address is totally optional. If you need to share email addresses you can do it without putting it on here. If you are ok to pop it in here then simply replace the your_email_address text with your email address. When you edit this page you will see lines like this:

 || [[[Billy Bloggs | Billy]]] || [your_email_address email] || Skype || interest ||

you need to replace the text: your_email_address with your email address. So, for example, if Billy's email is moc.sggolb|yllib#moc.sggolb|yllib the line would look like this:

 || [[[Billy Bloggs | Billy]]] || [billy@bloggs.com email] || Skype || interest ||

When you save the page, you will notice that the word email has now become a link. For some computers clicking on that link will take you to your email software and automatically fill in the To: line. Or, you can simply copy the link (right click) and paste that into an email.

Name email Skype broad area of interest
Chris moc.liamg|mugibc#liame cjgeel teaching 7131!
Catherine ua.ude.htiffirg|sivaeb.c#liame catherinebeavis teaching 7131!
Goldy [your-email_address email] Skype interest
Jacqui ua.ude.inuhtiffirg|namkrik.iuqcaj#liame Skype digital natives, directions in education
Natalie [your-email_address email] Skype interest
David [your-email_address email] davidsmeaton gaming, tacit knowledge, learning beyond the classroom
Shelley [your-email_address email] Skype interest
Lyndal ua.ude.inuhtiffirg|3142301s#liame lyndalstuddert The Future of Education
Melissa ua.ude.inuhtiffirg|5850372s#liame Skype Communication skills in the early childhood years
Andrew ua.ude.inuhtiffirg|nevohnyw.werdna#liame andrew.wynhoven Pathways to Higher Education in Australia
Amanda [your-email_address email] Skype interest