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Why use a pneumatic grease gun?


Whether you want to use a Pressol Pneumatic Grease Pump or a Michelin Pneumatic Grease Pump, you need to know that there are several possibilities for use. It is a perfect device for greasing all the bearings and even those of your children's rollers . You can also adopt this device to maintain your bike or your car. Other configurations are to be taken into account, it depends on your activities, but the maintenance of agricultural machinery is also to be expected.

A professional pneumatic grease gun

As I have said, it is possible to use grease in the form of cartridge or in bulk. So you have a container for this purpose and just fill it up so that your Wurth Pneumatic Grease Pump is ready for use. Generally, the cost is a little higher for cartridges, but the practicality is at the rendezvous, just insert it into the tube and you screw the cap. By plugging in your compressor, you can immediately distribute grease. I recommend this mode of operation, because it is necessarily more interesting especially for novices.

It is important to note that you do not need to buy a Fog Pneumatic Grease Pump if you do not have a compatible compressor that must have some airflow. Indeed, it is impossible to use it in this accessory, hence the interest to inform you to the maximum before validating your purchase


Michelin Pneumatic Grease Pump

This brand is renowned in the world of cars and even tires, so it is not surprising that it is also at the rendezvous alongside a Graco pneumatic grease pump or an Algi pneumatic grease pump. Although this company is widely known, the price pneumatic grease pump is not necessarily higher, it takes less than 40 euros for a product that adopts a blue dress.

You have an ergonomic
handle much easier to use , because the maintenance is facilitated.
You can pull the trigger with maximum comfort.
There is a connection to connect the compressor.
A cartridge can be inserted in the slot provided for this purpose, but as I could clarify, it is possible to use bulk fat.
Two connections are possible to distribute the grease especially in access a little more complex. The second tip is then very practical.

This Michelin Pneumatic Grease Pump is easy to transport compared to an electric version that requires a large battery. The weight is therefore lower, it takes about a kilo for such a reference that you take easily in the hands. Handling is a strong point not to neglect especially when you work on fairly large farm machinery, you must be free in your movements and not be disturbed by an imposing product.

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