Welcome to small steps

Welcome to small steps, a modest play space to support folk interested in thinking about digital culture, games and education.

Your first reaction to the site could be OMG! Argh! All this stuff! etc. So please, as the cover on Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy says:


This web page is housed in a wiki which is called Small Steps.

It would be a good idea to bookmark this site right now!

Most of you will be familiar with at least one wiki, Wikipedia, the wiki of all wikis.

If this is your first time to this site take a bit of time to work out how to navigate around the wiki, particularly if you are not familiar with wikis.

The site is designed around two types of question:

  • How do I do …. ?
  • How do I understand or make sense of … ?

The second question relates both to making sense of this wiki, i.e. how it is structured and how you can make good use of it as well as making sense of the content, ideas, and people who have informed the design and development of this course.

The first question is picked up in the how to do things menu on the side. If there is information you think is missing then please feel free to add it yourself or make a suggestion that it is added.

The second question is picked up in the how to think about things, also in the side menu.

What follows are two blocks of text that have been collapsed. You can expand them by clicking on each link. Collapsible links and hyperlinks in this wiki are red and when you move your mouse over either type of link, the link becomes underlined.